We bring good news, all those workers who need it will have the opportunity to take the AVSAF accreditation exam in ENGLISH.

Avión con los colores de la bandera inglesa en la cola

AVSAF Exam Content

The AVSAF exam consists of five key modules covering essential aspects of airport security. These modules include:

  • Operational Safety
  • Airport Configuration
  • Working in Airports
  • Airport Procedures
  • Airport Traffic Circulation

Each one provides a vital understanding of the protocols and procedures necessary to ensure safety and efficiency at airports.

Importance of the AVSAF Exam for Pedestrians

The AVSAF pedestrian accreditation exam is a crucial part of airport operational safety training. Now, AESA offers the opportunity to take it in English. With this exam, workers certify that they have the necessary knowledge to access airport movement areas unaccompanied, which is mandatory for obtaining airport accreditation.

The AVSAF pedestrian course includes 4 modules, with one test per module, culminating in a final exam. Upon passing, an official certification in PDF format is granted, valid in all Spanish airports to obtain the personal accreditation card. AVSEC and AVSAF certificates are valid for 5 years.

Online AVSAF Training

The AVSEC and AVSAF courses, including pedestrian ones, are available online on our website in both Spanish and English. This allows students to learn at their own pace, with 24/7 access to all resources and support. No prior knowledge is required to take these courses, and they are designed so that anyone can acquire the necessary skills to pass the final assessment.

Importance and Global Scope

These courses and certifications are essential to ensure operational safety at airports, complying with the regulations of the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) and international standards. The inclusion of the option to take the exam in English makes training accessible to non-Spanish speakers and reflects the global nature of the airport and aviation industry.

Thanks to the possibility of taking AVSAF courses in English, not only those who want to improve their airport skills in one of the most important languages in the sector benefit, but it also brings AVSAF closer to many other companies that do not operate in Spanish, strengthening connections in the airport sector globally.

More information

All this information and much more can be found in our aeronautical training courses. Want to work at an airport? At www.avsaf.es, we offer online courses for AVSAF, AVSEC, CAM and COM. We also provide other courses related to the airport sector.

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